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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I like to follow blogs. It's sort of my new thing.

Why the obsession?

I'm in to blogs primarily because I'm always inspired. Well maybe not always. Sometimes I come away challenged to pursue my maker more deeply as He pursues me. Sometimes I read stories that make me want to cry or pray or cry and pray. Sometimes I'm just plain encouraged. Sometimes I learn a thing or two (http://sleepydoctor.blogspot.com/). Sometimes a blog will be playing music, that makes me want to dance... you just never know! See..? Blogs are fun!

I love to read about how God is stirring in the hearts of my friends in different parts of the world and how he is working mightily in the ministries of people I've never met.

My so-called Haiti blogs have been a great way to stay connected with others doing life and ministry in Haiti. Maria and I are always getting ideas about how to serve people better. Now I hope this isn't too awkward because I've never actually met the people that author such wonderful accounts of life in Haiti. But, if you're curious, here's some more Haiti...

And now for the often-cheesy I-blog-because-statement. Simply, I get to see my Father's heart everyday in this little corner of Haiti and I can't be quiet about it. I want to share and I want Him to receive the glory.

Nick and Nikki, a husband and wife team and fellow long term volunteers at COTP also blog Their posts are actually current and much more frequent. I love hearing Nikki recount events that we've encountered together. They both do a great job. If you ever really want to know what is going on in Haiti/here at COTP it wouldn't hurt to check in with them first. Children of the Promise also has its very own blog. Check that out if you want to read about new admits and see which children are being reunited with their biological families.

Nick and Nikki Stolberg
Children of the Promise


*In light of the current violence and political unrest in Haiti I thought I'd include just one more link. This is an eye-opening blog for pictures, politics, etc. This journalist's images and information are centered in Port-au-Prince but often, what plagues people in PAP plagues people country-wide. http://goatpath.wordpress.com/

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  1. God bless the bloggers! Journalists, wittnesses, story tellers!