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Saturday, February 5, 2011

a quick recap.

Time? to blog?
Not so much.

We're all quite busy. In a good way. We have 41 beautiful babies and most of them are very healthy! Thank you all for your prayers. Sometimes I walk into the baby rooms in the mornings and just sense that specific babies have been covered in prayer. I really do feel a special covering of health and protection over COTP. :)

I went home for a few weeks during the holidays. It was wonderful to see friends and spend quality time with family. I had the privilege of attending Amber, a college friend, and Bernard's wedding. It was a gorgeous affair in snowy Indiana. The best part(s)? Spending time with some of my closest girls speeding down a toboggan run the night before the wedding and traipsing through Chicago in the days that followed...drinking coffee...playing games...
Home was nice too. There's nothing like good cooking. Christmas morning I had the luxury of just relaxing with my parents, grandparents, and brother. Most shocking? The boy's officially taller than me. Where was I when that happened?
Arguably the only thing I miss about living in the states is the opportunity to "go to church," to worship Jesus in the company of a large body God-followers. It was so great to spend time at Casas Church and Victory Christian Worship Center while I was in Tucson. I really haven't had the opportunity to attend church regularly in Haiti. Occasionally I'll sneak next door on Sunday mornings.

Every Sunday one of our nannies attends the village church. She takes with her our two most well-behaved 2-year-olds. Dressed to the nines the faithful 3 head next door with toddler Bibles, animal crackers, and 2 five goude coins for the offering plate. Sometimes things are calm enough around here for me to tag along. On other occasions I've attended a larger church in an adjacent village. The church is in walking distance but, if I drive the truck, the Lagosette crew can arrive at church in style!

The support I found in returning to Tucson pretty much blew me away. Thank you Casas church (CHEERS adult Bible fellowship). This amazing group of Jesus-loving adults sent a group down to Haiti in October. My mom headed up the team.
During the course of my trip home they took me on a shopping spree for supplies for the orphanage, helped one of our nannies in a HUGE way by purchasing all of her handcrafted jewelry, and held a soap drive.

We collected 535 bars of soap, which I have been steadily giving out to people in the community. Gotta love soap! Thank you again. I felt rich coming into Haiti with such a precious commodity.

I did stop in Minnesota as well. I went to meet the Bonnemas and some of the other board members and to hang out/talk-future-plans with Jenny and Jamie Groen. Thanks Bud and Jan, Jenny and Jamie. I so enjoyed spending time with your families.

That pretty much summarized my trip. I enjoyed seeing all of you wonderful people. I did however vow never to be away from the babies for more 3 weeks ever again. It was secretly rough.

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