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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

sweet like a sirèt.

Meet Klevens! He’s a spunky, super sweet, sometimes naughty six year old that stole our hearts when he came with his mom to visit his twin sisters a week ago last Wednesday.

Although you’d never be able to tell by just looking at our smiley little friend, Klevens has a bit of a medical problem. He has what’s called a rectal prolapse and his intestine protrudes from his anus a good 6 -7 inches. I know, right?! Extremely uncomfortable. This was my first time meeting Klevens and I actually don’t know how long he’s been suffering with this condition. But he sure looks happy!

We sent some emails, made some phone calls, and took a few trips to the local hospital and as of this morning Klevens was admitted to the pediatric unite with surgery scheduled for tomorrow. Praise the Lord! I’m sure if you’ve read some of my previous blog posts you understand that getting medical and surgical treatment in Haiti is nowhere near a guaranteed thing. But praise God that a surgical team from the states is here in Milot this week and the doctor was willing to take a peak at Klevens little/rather large, problem.

Please pray that Klevens sleeps well in his hospital bed tonight!

Somehow this boy got me to promise to give him a sucker, a snack, and a five goud coin when he finished getting blood drawn this morning... Crazy hey? Kid's got the gift of persuasion. Actually, he probably just smiled or something, then I caved.

Well, I’ll be heading to the hospital tomorrow to check on him just after surgery. They’re doing a procedure that’s not guaranteed to resolve the problem in its entirety. If the procedure fails then a second, more complicated procedure will need to be performed. Wouldn’t it be great if this first, simple procedure is all that Klevens needs!?

I'll let ya'll know how things go tomorrow...


  1. Hi Amy!!! cute picture. I hope his procedure went well. We sure miss you guys and the kids. I keep crying when I hear a baby cry!!! Our trip home went smoothly. You guys are doing great things down there!!! take care. Love, the Mondas

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